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Change of Weather

We’ve been having weather worthy of British Columbia here in the Northern California foothills this May – and now continuing into June.  There have been a few days in the last thirty when the temperatures moved up into the 70s, but mostly it has been 60s or 50s with one day about a week ago that topped out at 49 degrees and today is expected to do the same.  Normally tomato and pepper plants can be planted outside by May 23rd at the latest.  On May 28 the overnight low was 36 degrees – not freezing, but nothing a tomato or pepper is going to enjoy either.

The colder weather has made it challenging to stay present to this spring, this year.  It would be easy to fret over tomatoes not ripening until August, lemon cucumbers that will wait until…when?  Such thoughts will only aid in slowing growth and ripening, so it is clearly time to get playful.

The Blessings of a Long, Slow Early Spring:

1. This is perfect weather for growing kimchee ingredients like cabbage and daikon radish, and I love eating kimchee all year round.

2. Likewise, this is fabulous weather for germinating seeds like carrots and beets and parsnips without having to turn on any irrigation.

3. The early morning birdsong symphony continues to be fabulous.  No heat to quiet all those voices.

4. All the cloudiness is great for outdoor photography.  It creates great light.

I also feel blessed because I developed this sudden interest in the “Wall O’ Water”(WOW) plant protectors back in the early part of May.  I bought a package of them and planted some peppers and tomatoes in them around Mother’s Day to see how they did.  I thought I was getting a head start of a week or maybe two for those plants.  Turns out they’ll be a month ahead by the time the weather changes – at least.

It’s those little intuitions that make integrative awareness (see the About page) so much fun.  I enjoy surprising myself as I follow an intuition, thinking I understand it, and then discovering a whole new outcome as a situation unfolds.  We humans really are well designed creatures!

And yes, I am also asking, “What is it with this weather?  What’s up?”  I ask, and then I slip into integrative awareness mode and I notice this strong sense of movement, of things that are coming but are not yet here.  This is a good year to live by inspirations.  Routines and habits and the way it’s always been aren’t the most useful tools right now.


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