building a beautiful and bountiful world in collaboration with nature

About a month ago, I started to notice a little wildflower on the side of the trail on my morning dog walks.  It’s a subtle, tubular flower with highlights of pastel purple and green on white.  I haven’t identified it yet.  It’s nice sometimes to get to know things on my own.  The thing about this flower is its impact.  The first 2 weeks it was in bloom, I would walk by and just feel so lightened by its presence.  Uplifted.  Happy for no reason other than the joy of being in the presence of these little flowers.  I have noticed that effect dim as the flowers have aged and begun to wither over the past 2 weeks.

Then yesterday I read “Standing in the Light”, an article in the July/August issue of ODE magazine, which tells the story of Johan Boswinkel and biophotons.  I had not heard of biophotons before, but apparently physicists have known since the 1980’s that living cells emit a faint light.  That light is so faint it’s like seeing candle light with the candle flame 12 miles away.  And now I’m wondering, was it the light of my flower friend’s cells that I saw/felt as so bright, so joyful?

According to the article, the light emitted by our cells contains the information that directs the biochemical processes of our bodies.  Mr Boswinkel has found a way to measure the coherence of this light, or lack of it, at various points on the body.  Where he finds it to be chaotic, he uses a machine to “invert” the body’s light and then return it in coherent form.  In 80% of cases that is enough information for cells to change their biochemistry and symptoms to disappear.  Some of the cases described in the article included severe allergies, lyme disease, and liver cancer.

This is an amazing new paradigm in which to define the existence of health or disease.  Coherent light means harmonious biochemistry and, therefore, health.  Chaotic light means the existence of a disease process – whether symptoms have manifested or not.  This would be as true for plants as it is for humans, and the potential for agricultural applications was mentioned in the article.

What is also exciting for me is the reminder that light is both energy and information.  According to the article, our bodies take in light not only through our eyes, but also through the acupuncture points.  Here is yet another pathway for information to make its way to our bodyminds, available to us, yet perhaps not seemingly rational.  Here is another way in which we might “know” about the health of a plant, or the health of our soils, even if the light they put out is so faint it doesn’t register consciously.

In this context, even the Sun could be talking to us, via sunlight, a steady beam of energy and information.

Oh yeah!  What fun it is to live in an amazing and magickal world!


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