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I spent a little time this past week seeing what information the Web has to offer on biophotons,  and then I discovered that just a few articles further into my ODE magazine was an article by Lynn McTaggart with a succinct description of what is known about this light emitted by living cells.  McTaggart describes biophoton emissions as “an invisible and constant conversation with our surroundings.”

According to her article, physicist Fritz-Albert Popp, the man who discovered and named biophotons, believes them to be the “primary communication channel” for internal signals within the bodies of animals and plants.  Popp also discovered that “individual living things absorb the light emitted from each other and send back wave interference patterns, as though they are having conversations.”  So it seems that my intuition was accurate – the faint light emitted by a small wildflower was very likely the source of hours of joy and brightness in my day.

On the Web I also found articles conjecturing that biophotons may be the physical explanation behind the acupuncture meridians of Chinese medicine or the “prana” of Ayurvedic medicine.  They may be a pathway that can explain how it is that thoughts in our minds become chemistry in our bodies.  Not enough research directed toward clarifying these possibilities yet, but this is big stuff!

These ideas got me thinking about the Chinese proverb “the best fertilizer is a farmer’s footsteps.”  The obvious interpretation of this proverb is that the time a farmer spends observing her land and crops and ecosystem is an essential ingredient in good farming.  It leads to a deep understanding out of which are born excellent decisions executed with perfect timing.

But biophotons indicate that the fertilizer a farmer’s footsteps create could also be something more fundamental.  It could be a literal energy, a light, that the farmer brings to her fields.  Biophoton emissions are described as a conversation.  The plants and soil are receiving my light even as I receive theirs.  A strong, coherent, healthy light coming from my cells could brighten and uplift my garden as easily and naturally as a wildflower brightened me.

Perhaps “green thumbs” are not so much green as they are light and bright thumbs!  Won’t that be fun to play with!


Comments on: "Fertilizing with Biophotons?" (4)

  1. Oh, my God, what an astounding information, I am bewildered of what I just read and I love it to the utmost of my being.

    Every morning after I finish my morning walk through the streets or environmental reserves, I go to my backyard (before I take breakfast) and walk among my plants and see them how they are going, the dew on the leaves, the colour of their flowers, the beauty of their trunks and leaves etc all the while feeling I am connected or one with my garden. I guess that onenes may be the transmission of light energies between me and my plants.

    Thank you for your powerful and marvelous information

    With love


  2. Biophotons – probably one of the most groundbreaking discoveries of the 20th century. The highly ordered (Coherent) photons of light found in all living organisms are extremely Coherent in foods grown in the wild which are twice as Coherent as organically grown foods and 10 times that of conventionally grown foods. Foods grown in their most natural state contain the highest Coherency of all foods and contribute that Coherency to the consumer. Having access to freshly picked produce is of prime importance – either growing it yourself, frequenting a u-pick farm or joining a CSA (community supported agriculture). The sooner foods are consumed after harvest the higher the Coherency. A diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, berries and herbs is the simplest and easiest way for us to begin the process of healing ourselves and our planet as well as strengthening our bond with the Creator.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment! What I wonder is how we can up the ante on “organic” and ecologically grown foods so that they approach the kind of coherence you mention being present in the wild. My September 2012 blogs on nutrition and soils are partly about reaching across that divide.

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