building a beautiful and bountiful world in collaboration with nature

The Garden’s Deeper Pattern

There is an area in the garden where the bugs like to hover and dance.  I call them bugs in the generic sense.  I’ve no idea if they qualify as gnats or flies or something else, but they seem to live in a loosely arranged cluster.  At least, that’s how they spend the afternoons, zigzagging back and forth, up and down and around in a fairly well-defined area that’s roughly a ten foot diameter sphere.

From my vantage point in the shade, they look like points of light hovering and moving about.  I wonder if this is what life is like for atoms hanging out in deep space?  Is this what photons do when they find themselves confined to a test tube?  Is there meaning to the movements of these bugs?

The loose cloud formed by these bugs seems so unorganized compared to the pictures of crop circles I’ve been enjoying over the past week.  (Check out  The precision, complexity, and patterning of the crop circles is often intensely beautiful.  I think the main message behind them is that there is order, harmony, and patterning behind all the apparent randomness in this world.

I remember reading many years ago about experiments done by Karl Pribram in which he took some chemicals, noted their patterning – how they related to each other, what processes they engaged in, how they were organized and structured – and then heated them up.  The result was chaos at first, but then rather suddenly and spectacularly the chemicals formed into a completely new pattern, more highly organized and sophisticated than the first.  This experiment was cited as an example of how a paradigm shift takes place, but it also simply demonstrates Nature’s inherent ability to find pattern in the form of ever more sophisticated organization, relationship, and process in every situation.

I can feel, very strongly lately, that the world is changing.  Not just climate and weather and economics, but something deeper.  There are waves appearing on the horizon bringing something very new, something we haven’t named yet, something barely visible to the mainstream lens.  Something generated by the deeper pattern of all our lives and all of Life.

When I take the time to sit with Nature – whether in a garden, or a park, or a beach, or in the mountains – and I take the time to tune into all my senses, connecting my left brain to my right brain, my brain to my heart, allowing myself to become a bodymind steeped in integrative awareness, I connect to this underlying organizing process that seems to be always changing, expanding, and evolving.  I become connected to the patterned flow of energy and vibration that creates the events and forms we see, and I become more able to participate in the creation of the newly evolving, developing patterns and structures.

The vegetable garden I created this year was the most difficult I’ve experienced in a long, long time.  Seeds were slow to germinate and then the seedlings promptly disappeared (insects? rabbits? gophers?).  The gopher tunneling was so bad under half the garden that transplants in that area just sat due to the regular root pruning they received.  And the late spring followed by relatively cool summer temperatures, meant the tomatoes and red sweet peppers have waited until this past week to ripen in any significant numbers.

It was easy to feel discouraged at times, but comforting to tune into Nature.  I was watching a friend leap sideways through my garden in early June when I realized that the straight rows weren’t useful here anymore and suddenly saw that the empty bed spaces were showing me a way to redesign and reorganize the basic structure and layout.  And giving me the opportunity to start right away.  So while I’ve had less early produce than I would have liked, my kitchen now overflows, and I’m excited to see what next year brings as this new underlying structure continues to unfold.

I’m excited to see what all these new underlying structures bring as they continue to unfold, because the world, she is a changing!


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