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Eating Garden Gifts

I seem to be spending more time in the kitchen than the gardens this past week.  It’s not my ideal, but necessary, as I honor the gifts of the garden by drying tomatoes and making salsa and coleslaw and feta cheese (the gifts of the goats, who in many ways are part of the garden). Canning time is on next week’s to do list, for the tomatoes and maybe for roasted peppers if I feel very ambitious.

I have also started reading an awesome book, The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcox (see divinecosmos).  It is a synthesis of scientific investigations into the underlying consciousness/energy creating the universe, what he calls “the source field”.  Wilcox starts his book by revisiting the experiments of Dr Cleve Backster, some of which I’ve mentioned before.  He offers some extra information, worth mentioning here.

I was unaware that as Backster pursued his investigations with plants hooked up to lie detectors (polygraph machines), he started putting smaller plants into copper Faraday cages.  These cages stop electromagnetic waves, yet Backster continued to get reactions from these plants, indicating that their responses to the emotions and/or thoughts of humans, brine shrimp and other participants in his experiments were not mediated via the usual suspects (i.e. electricity, magnetism, infrared, etc.).

Backster also did experiments with human white blood cells hooked up to the polygraph via fine gold wires.  He found that the graphs produced by the blood cells exactly matched the actual experience of the human donor, showing spikes of alarm at times that were anxious or stressful for the person, even when that person was 300 miles away!

Backster also did interesting things like taking an egg from a store-bought dozen and putting it in a lead-lined container to stop any electromagnetic fields.  He then measured that egg’s reactions as he, one by one, dropped its former neighbors into boiling water (presumably on their way to becoming deviled eggs).  The egg had a severe reaction every time.  As did vegetables, fruit, yoghurt and raw meat when tested similarly.  Even when eaten raw, these all “burn” in our digestive systems.

But there is hope!  Wilcox relates that in private conversations with Backster he has been told that “positive , loving thoughts” sent to any food prior to cooking or eating prevent these severe reactions from occurring on the polygraphs.  An excellent reminder to offer my appreciation liberally – as I work and harvest in my gardens, as I prepare foods in my kitchen, and as I eat these precious gifts from Nature.

For the truth is, the biological lifeforms on this planet clearly have the ability to and often do engage in a constant conversation with each other.  Animals, plants, bacteria, insects, fish, birds, and humans.  We may not know how this communication is taking place, but over and over it has been clearly demonstrated to exist.  Everything on that list is listening in on the humans, and we too were designed to listen and participate.  The HeartMath Institute calls it psychophysiologic coherence.  I call it integrative awareness:  Relax.  Breathe.  Pay attention to your physical senses.  All of them. Relax again.

We’re on our way.


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