building a beautiful and bountiful world in collaboration with nature

After enjoying a rainy Sunday complete with French toast, hot chocolate, a good book, and several rounds of musical chairs with the cats and dogs for those really comfy spots by the fire, I’m ready to step back outside, pruning shears and rake in hand.  As I  mosey my way through this season’s garden clean-up, I find myself thinking a lot about next year.  What do I want to create next year?  What possibilities, what infinite potentials does this part of the Earth hold?  Considering those possibilities over the past weeks, I find my attention consistently being redirected toward the essential message of quantum physics: consciousness matters.

First, I saw Ayako Sekino’s U Tube video “Vision for a New Earth” last week.  She speaks in Japanese and has a beautiful, lyrical voice that was a pleasure to listen to as I read the subtitles.  The video is an hour and 25 minutes, but worth the time as it offers some of the clearest explanations and analogies I’ve heard of how the world works and how we create.  Ayako talked briefly about quantum physics, distilling it down to an essential insight: the world is a fuzzy wave form until we focus in on a part of it. Our focus is what “collapses the wave” into a seemingly solid reality.  Don’t like that solid reality?  Pull your focus back, shift your consciousness/vibration (she offers some techniques), and then notice the changes when you return your focus to that part of the wave.

There’s also the crop circle photo resting above my couch.  It says the same thing.  Crop circles are a very unique form of gardening, perhaps a bit like Zen gardening with the emphasis on shape and pattern and the underlying structure of a garden.  In the authentic crop circles the nodes near the base of the stems are stimulated to grow quickly and unevenly, thus causing the crop to lie down.  The intricacy and precision with which this process is carried out is stunning.  The fact that the plants continues to grow and make seeds is next to magickal.

The crop circle image above my couch is of one of this year’s circles, one that resonated with me.  Looking at it daily over the past few months while reading books like The Source Field Investigations, The Bond, and now Anastasia, my rational mind has begun to understand the symbolism of this particular communication.  It’s basic quantum physics.

The fundamental – and totally revolutionary- insight of quantum physics is that consciousness is an inherent, necessary part of the fabric that creates matter, this apparent reality of “solid things”.  For over 100 years now the double slit experiment and variations of it have shown that matter exists only as a wave – as energy, as “infinite potential” – until someone or something with the ability to observe and measure comes along.  Someday the equation will read: Energy + Consciousness = Matter.

The energy in this equation, however, is not light, or X-rays, or microwaves, or any other form of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum.  It may be related to gravity. (We don’t actually know what gravity is, just most of the rules it follows.)  It may be the “dark energy” postulated to exist by astrophysicists.  It is a “subtle” energy.  Some call it life force energy.  Russian scientists often call it torsion energy because it creates a field that is torus-shaped.  Something like a spiraling doughnut.

In the crop circle I’ve been living with there is an outer ring with 4 spiraling arms: a torus field shape.  This passes into a middle band, round on its outer edge and becoming a 10-sided decagon on its inside edge.  This middle band is textured or patterned, though my photo doesn’t show the details clearly.  The inside of the decagon contains fine lines forming a 10 pointed star and other shapes described by symmetries with fives and ten.

The basic message here is clear.  Torsion or subtle energy interacting with this middle band becomes the apparent structured reality of matter.  We know from quantum physics that consciousness, the ability to observe and measure, is the interaction required to create a particle from a wave, matter from energy.  Interesting, too, that in my crop circle image the torus field and the structures of matter are clear, but that middle band of consciousness seems so fuzzy, the details of how it works so unclear.

I am reminded of the outer ring on a kaleidoscope, turning from one beautiful pattern to another.  Is there a way to dial my consciousness like that?  A way to shift from one understanding of how the world is to another completely different one?  A way that won’t require a lifetime spent in meditation?

As I have come face-to-face with this question, I find myself drawn to read the “Ringing Cedar” book series, beginning with the first one, Anastasia.  This is a non-fiction series that reads like fiction, containing some quite unusual concepts and ideas.  Among them is Anastasia’s recommendations for planting seeds so as to attain the fullest benefit possible from the human/plant relationship.  Her instructions are detailed and specific and include holding the seed under your tongue for 9 minutes while standing barefoot in the place it is to be planted.  This is but a piece of the whole procedure which is designed to give the plant maximum information about you – the human who will eventually eat the plant or its fruits.  In this way the plant can custom fit its chemistry and energy to you, healing your body of disease and creating complete well-being in your physical and mental structures.

While exploring biophotons earlier this year, I had an intuition that my vegetables were doing something along those lines, using the light emissions of our cells to tune themselves to me.  Anastasia’s procedure is a much more complete form of information exchange, letting the plants access every detail of the biology of their specific human.

The Ringing Cedar books are a portrait of a woman dialed into a very different consciousness.  The possibilities presented through the lens she uses are a fundamental shift in the underlying fabric of the “solid reality” I’ve been creating.

Next year’s garden….

I’m opening up to some very different potentials.


Note: Crop Circle photo taken from website (link here) with much appreciation. The ringing cedar website is here.


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