building a beautiful and bountiful world in collaboration with nature

We are having a long fall here in the Sierra foothills with a beautiful bonus week of 60 degree temperatures.  I decided to take advantage of the weather and plant a small patch of winter wheat following the planting ritual in the Anastasia book.

My husband, Tom, felt inspired to try it too, so we weeded a roughly six-foot by four-foot patch of long-fallowed garden bed, leaving the young mallow plants growing along the edges. (Mallow makes a tasty wild salad green.)  A couple of wheelbarrows of compost from the turkey pen completed our prep work.

Standing barefoot in the bed, we placed a few of the seeds to be planted under our tongues.  Tom did a Qigong breathing exercise.  I just closed my eyes and basked in the warm sun while waiting out the nine minute minimum for this part of the procedure.  Eleven minutes later we held the seeds in our palms, breathed on them, and held them open to the sky, after which we planted them and enough other seed to fill the bed.

The first thing we both noticed was how much fun we were having.  We both enjoy gardening, but this seemed to include the curiosity/dopamine effect of trying something new.  Neither of us goes around barefoot outside in general and never in November.  My feet felt pleasantly tingly for the rest of the day and evening.

It will be many months before the wheat is harvested and eaten and we get to enjoy the health benefits the plants will have designed for us.  The glow of planting in this way continues for me now, however.  It was just plain laugh-out-loud fun.  I’m wondering if it’s too late in the season to plant some carrots or beets.


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