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Water.Two hydrogen atoms bonded to an oxygen atom.  A liquid that clings to itself and dissolves almost everything else on Earth.  A substance that seems to understand completely the nature of both energy and matter as it flows and circulates from liquid to gas to solid, moving from ocean to air to deep underground and back to ocean.

I discovered a short video this week describing the increasing evidence that water has memory.  Those words are deceptively simple.  Having memory implies the ability to store information, the ability to receive impressions from the environment and carry them on.  Water does just that – as researchers at the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart recently discovered.  This is scientific evidence showing that homeopathy and flower essences may have a physically explainable foundation.

Water has memory.  The Stuttgart scientists found that water drawn from the same beaker at the same time made very different patterns according to the person working with it.  Water is noticing us.  Recording us.  Spreading information about where it has been and who it has been with and what they are like.

Drinking a glass of water may be as informative to the cells of our bodies and brains as reading a newspaper is to our minds.  (Well, better really as there is likely less editing and filtering going on.)  After all, our bodies are 60% to 80% water, depending on our age.  The water circulating around the planet is carrying a vast array of information to every part of the globe.  We are living in an information-dense water world.

Masaru Emoto, the Japanese researcher, has demonstrated the importance of this for a decade now.  He has talked to water, taped words to glasses of water, and played music to water.  He records the response of the water by photographing the crystals formed.  Water changes its crystal patterns according to the energy it comes into contact with.  That energy can emanate from a violin, a human body, or a series of letter symbols (aka: words).  Polluted water, unable to crystallize at all, can form beautiful shapes simply as a result of being blessed.

We are marvellously powerful beings, created with and connected to a marvellously powerful ally: Water.

Link to Stuttgart video.

Link to Masaru Emoto video.


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  1. How fascinating! Thanks for the post. I am eager to learn more about the “memory” of water. I get the feeling we have just scratched the surface with this 🙂

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