building a beautiful and bountiful world in collaboration with nature

I’ve been neglectful of this blog over the past few weeks because I’ve been working on another project, following through on an idea that came to me on one of my dog walks at the beginning of February.  Like most everyone else on the planet, I spend a fair amount of time thinking about money or what I might like to do with more money.  My choice of career was at least partly made because of the dynamics of money in my life.

At 48 I am one of the missing generation of farmers, one of the reasons the average age of farmers in the United States has climbed to 65.  Though I got a BA in Ecological Agriculture and did several apprenticeships that taught me good farming skills, I could never quite make the leap to being a farmer because business and entrepreneurial-thinking is not natural to me and those are two absolutely essential skills if farming is going to support you.

I have often wondered what the world would be like if we had designed money differently, but over the past few years I’ve realized that it’s not really the money at all.  It’s about us, about how we perceive each other and ourselves.  Money is just a reflection of our beliefs about the nature of human beings.

The Radiant Money Project is the natural result of my epiphany that money was never  invented to facilitate trade.  That came about later.  The earliest money exchanges were all about appreciation.

If you’d like to read more about this, then please check out my new radiant money blog.  I’ve invented Notes of Appreciation and will be talking about my experiences as I hand them out and spread the word that the circulation of appreciation is a strong ingredient in the medicine we need.

And next week I’ll get back to gardens and farms and the magnificent nature of this fractal, holographic body-mind-world.


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