building a beautiful and bountiful world in collaboration with nature

Earth emits a constant signal called the Schuman Resonance. Catriona MacGregor calls it “earthsong” in her book, Partnering with Nature.  Created by the difference in polarity of the solid earth and the atmosphere, especially the ionosphere, this resonance baths us in constant waves of 7.83 Hertz. (Hertz means cycles per second.)  7.83 Hertz lies at the threshold between alpha and theta brainwaves.  There is no firm agreement on where the line between the alpha and theta states lies because, of course, there is no line!  Most charts I’ve seen start the theta state at about 4 Hertz, then transition it to alpha at either 7, 8, or even 9 Hertz. This places the Earthsong of the Schuman Resonance at the deep end of the alpha state or the shallow end of the theta state.

Alpha is the meditative, relaxed yet alert state considered ideal for learning.  Theta is the dream state of rapid eye movement in sleep and the Dreamtime experiences of shamans and aborigines.  It is also considered a very creative state.

In our entangled, quantum world where nothing is a “coincidence”, isn’t it interesting that Earth would bathe us in the frequencies of this relaxed, light dream state?  No wonder so many cares and worries seem to melt away after an hour spent wandering in wilder places.  Left to the dominant frequency of the planet, we are instantly surrounded in the energy of relaxation, meditation, and visioning.  If we decide to take our cue from the planet and engage regularly in this mind state, what will unfold for us?  If we spend time outside practicing this mind state, what will we discover?  The Earth’s vibration is encouraging us to be visionaries and dreamers.  Why not try it?

Several months ago I began to create a place outside, near my home, where I could be in this alpha/theta state.  As I held the original intention for this, I saw in my mind’s eye a good general location.  A few minutes spent wandering in this area led me to the spot that felt – and feels – just right.  A friend suggested leaving some food for the Nature Spirits at this spot – goat milk, bread, honey – and said that it would take them 3 days to utilize all the energy available in the food.  It felt appropriate to me, so I began to bring food gifts with me several times a week.

It has surprised me how quickly the feeling, the energy, of this place has become one of peace and calm and love.  At first I avoided going there when I was in a bad mood because I didn’t want to be dumping those feelings there.  During one extended ugh-feeling period of several days, I felt the spot calling to me for a visit.  I took some food gifts and walked up to the spot, apologizing in my mind for my unstellar state of mind.  As I entered the area I felt so enveloped in loving care that I was able to drop a good chunk of my upset right there and see the situation in a completely new light.  Now, I head straight for help from the Earth and Nature Ones at any sign of an extended upset coming on.

Whether I’m in a good feeling or ugh-feeling state this place relaxes and grounds me.  I find myself connecting to insights and ideas that I’m not sure would otherwise come along.  As I sit, alternately opening up all my senses and following my breath in meditation, I ask the Earth’s advice on the little things.  Where would be the best place to move the electric fencing and have the goats or cows graze?  Sometimes I get answers that surprise me or that seem contrary to my own common sense.  Yet when I take the time to follow through, I have always found it to be good advice.

Am I really talking to Earth or the Nature Ones?  Am I really hearing a response?  Perhaps.  Perhaps I am simply tapping into those 10 billion or more bits of information per second that my other-than-conscious mind is constantly processing.  This is the right brain/subconscious/superconscious mind that by all accounts of those on the leading edge of neuroscience, psychology, and physics is fully capable of creating every element and particle of the world it inhabits.

Look at the busy human world and you will see what the beta brainwave-dominated mind creates. Rational, beta-style thinking is not without value, but the alpha/theta meditative/dream state is also a part of each of us.  Where is yours leading you?  What does it want you to create?  What entangled relationships are wanting to become a part of your life?


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