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Planting Seeds in March

I am planting seeds for the summer garden.  Tomatoes and peppers.  Some late leeks and cabbages.  Lettuces and other greens.  Some of these are old seeds that I’ve had for 6 or more years.  Others are new and fresh.  Some are seeds that I saved from favorite tomatoes or prolific arugula plants.  Most were purchased in packages.  All of them hold – somehow! – the template for a plant that will unfold in distinctive steps over the next few months.

For each variety of seed I am planting, I take these living beings and hold them in my hands close to my heart so that they can feel the electromagnetic resonance of this person who is asking them to wake up.  After a minute or so there, I imagine myself fully connected to the Wholeness embedded in this world, and I open my hands and breathe a breath of the Lifeforce circulating in me to them.  Next I hold them open to the sky (I do this in between rain storms) so they can get a sense of where and when they are, and I speak to them words that I hope will help them to orient themselves:  “Welcome to Wild Rose.  It is March in the western Sierra foothills and you are at 2400′ where the black oaks are just starting to give way to Ponderosa pines.  I am planting you in pots today, but in a month or two you will be planted in real soil in the garden here.  Thank you for sharing your energy with me and with my garden.”

I do not believe this ritual is “right” or “best”.  I feel good doing it.  It’s been cold the past 4 days and I see nothing springing quickly forth to green life, which is as it should be with these temperatures.  There are no miracles here, just a sense of keen connection, a long and slow conversation begun with measured tones.  I share it here to inspire you to find your own pathways, those things that can bring you that joyful feeling of participation in a Whole.


Comments on: "Planting Seeds in March" (2)

  1. Neale Daniel said:

    Hi Renee, to get even closer to nature, I follow the cycles of the moon, sowing with the new (dark) moon, the germination’s tend to be much more successful. Our ancestors understood the influence of the moon upon water and plants and always farmed with the moon.
    Neale xxx

    • Hi Neale, I no longer remember the source, but I’ve also heard – and tried with success – sowing 3 days before the full moon. They really seem to pop, temperatures permitting.

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