building a beautiful and bountiful world in collaboration with nature

I began the year by asking a question, “what is the potential ecological role of the human being on Earth?”  I may not be anywhere near an answer to that, but I have come to one preliminary conclusion:  Whatever ecological relationships we are capable of creating here will undoubtedly require that we use all of the facets of our multi-brained, whole-minded nature.  I have been very excited this week to stumble on two wonderful explanations of this multi-brained awareness, both offering the same insight on the role of the right brain and its relationship with the left brain.

The first is an article posted on OdeWire about a doctor, Roy Martina, who uses hypnosis to gain access to the insights of his patient’s right brains curing them in the process.  He has seen tumors disappear, cartilage grow back, and “big improvements” in multiple sclerosis. (Link here.)  The second is a video clip from a TED talk given by Jill Bolte-Taylor.  She is a neurobiologist and the author of Stroke of Insight.  She literally had a stroke that shut down her left brain and gave her tremendous insight into how the different hemispheres of our brains work.  (Link here for the whole talk, or here for a short clip – scroll down about half the page to find it.)

Both of these people have reached essentially the same conclusion independently: The left brain gives us a sense of separation, a sense of an “I”, allowing us to function in this allegedly 3-dimensional world.  The right brain, while often described as the creative side, is the brain that is connected to higher dimensions, to a much larger understanding of reality, to the “life-force power” of this world.  The right brain is a “receiver and transmitter”, channeling to us the insights of our Vaster Being.

The information describing this possibility of connection to a larger understanding of reality is exploding right now.  The right-brain dominant state described by Bolte-Taylor is analogous to the alpha/theta brainwave states I’ve mentioned in recent blogs, and to the coherent state that underlies the flow consciousness described by the HeartMath Institute and Accelerated Learning researchers.  These types of awareness are pivotal to our movement into a mutually beneficial, symbiotic, ecological role on Earth.

Fortunately, there seem to be literally hundreds, thousands, of pathways into these whole-minded states, most of which incorporate one or more of the following:  meditating, singing, chanting, relaxing, playing, dancing, daydreaming, imagining, conscious breathing, appreciating.  If anyone gives you a hard time for engaging in these activities on a daily, hourly, moment-to-moment basis, just tell them you are doing serious research into understanding why humans evolved.

And if you have any insights, let me know!


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