building a beautiful and bountiful world in collaboration with nature

Standing Stone

Standing Stone (Photo credit: Bruce)

The human body is an aggregate of an energy field, and that field is interconnected to everything that exists.  Energy is the engine that drives everything, including our consciousness, and, as such, energy can influence us and we can influence it.  This energy field is a force and it is full of information….    Freddy Silva, Legacy of the Gods

This is the paradigm we are currently in the midst of absorbing and understanding, this vision of energy as an information-dense foundation that patterns and structures our consciousness and our physical reality.  Freddy Silva’s book, Legacy of the Gods, is a fascinating and gentle walk into this new paradigm, with a focus on the structures bequeathed to us to help us make this transition:  the ancient landscape temples and sacred sites scattered across the globe.  From the Giza pyramids to Chartres Cathedral to the sacred mountains of the world, we are surrounded by places capable of tuning and training our consciousness to deeper/higher levels of awareness.

These are places and structures that are also capable of responding to us.  They tune us and we tune them.  Those who built them had a very clear understanding of the energetics underlying water, electricity, magnetism, geometry, and stone.  They knew how to organize these elements to create stable energy/information patterns capable of supporting a more coherent structuring of human consciousness.  To receive this support one needs to add the element of intent.  “As a living entity, a purposefully constructed [temple] is able to read intent like an electric lock reads a PIN number….Like any functional partnership, you have to meet it halfway.”

I am not going to review the tremendous amount of information contained in this book.  Just read it.  It’s worth it.  For myself, I have carried from it a heightened awareness of Earth as a living being; one who is also an aggregate of information-dense energy, now patterned into this beautiful matrix of oceans and continents, all conscious to the core.  Earth’s energy/information has the power to act on my mind-body-consciousness.  My energy/information has the power to act on her.  I am not just a speck on a whirling ball.  We are two conscious beings in relationship.

As I read Silva’s book, the living energy grids of this planet became more real to me.  The dragon lines of China and the ley lines of Europe are here in North America too, though less often marked as such by people, and they are available to those who seek them.  The Hartmann net, an energy grid aligned to the poles and encompassing the entire planet in a rectangular grid of 9 inch wide lines spaced 6 feet 6 inches by 8 feet apart, also interacts with and influences our body-mind energy systems.

Over the past nine months, I have been drawn to regularly sit at and meditate at a place that I now recognize as an energy node of a feminine ley line, a deeper pooling of the energetic flow of the land.  My visits there have been mutually beneficial.  I can feel this place “waking up”.  It becomes easier to connect to ease and joy and knowing when I’m there, as the flows of energy have changed in response to the appreciation I have offered.  We’ve been helping each other, this place and I.

Research has shown that it takes less than 1% of a population meditating regularly to drop crime rates for an entire neighborhood or city.  This makes me wonder, what if some of us found and tended to these special places?  What if this is one of the primary roles humans are designed to play on Earth?  What if this is the beginning of the natural Internet – the network that connects humans to rock and water and soil and plants and animals and oceans and ecosystems and planet?  What if we each had a special place, a place in the planet’s energy grid, where we go for rebalancing and for a daily information download from the planet and cosmos?  What if, as we are there, quieting our minds, opening our hearts, and offering the clear energy of love and appreciation, this place, too, is able to rebalance, refresh, and reboot?  What if this is how mutual, cooperative and conscious evolution takes place?

The existing power places have their guardians; there are those who have and who do quietly tend to the energy needs of these well-known locations.  This is not about rushing off to Stonehenge, or about building another pyramid.  This is about the little places, the supporting links, the small streams that eventually feed the bigger streams.  This is about enhancing the energy/information patterns of this planet by bringing our conscious awareness and appreciation to the neglected energy nodes that permeate our landscapes.

Is there a place that has come to mind as you’ve been reading this?  Go there!  Bring a small gift – a flower, a piece of fruit, bread with honey, or what ever else your instincts say to bring.  Sit for a while.  Breathe deeply.  Meditate, if that comes naturally to you.  Open your senses.  Use your peripheral vision.  Close your eyes and listen.  Smell the scents.  Feel the sensations on your skin.  Feel the sensations inside.  Tell this place what is in your heart.  Ask for help for yourself, and ask if there is anything you can offer beyond your love and appreciation.  Notice anything that happens, any thoughts that arrive, as feedback.  Do this regularly for a few weeks or months, and perhaps you, too, will feel that you have found a doorway to the new Eden.

Link to Freddy Silva’s website.


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