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New Life, New Love

The fall rainy season has arrived in earnest.  Frosty nights have put an end to the summer garden, blackening the peppers, tomatoes, and squashes, as well as putting an end to the tasty greens of the strawberry spinach (an excellent substitute for regular spinach).  The kale, meanwhile, looks reinvigorated, and the one broccoli plant I didn’t pull out in June has delivered a meal’s worth of yummy side shoots.  The end of one garden heralds the beginning of another.

I’ve been experiencing many closing cycles lately, along with a few new opening ones.  We have sold our cows, saying goodbye on Friday as we loaded them in a trailer and saw them off to a new home just down the road.  We simply don’t have adequate pasture for cows in our current location, and didn’t want to keep spending such large amounts on hay.  I have a good amount of their manure composting for next year’s gardens – and I hope to find a way to return to a life with cows in the future.

Another closing cycle was the death of our Queensland Healer, Trinity, who died unexpectedly in mid-October.  She was a gem, and her death has been a heart-breaking open experience for me.  When she died, I was sure it would be at least three or four months before I would even want to consider getting another dog, but almost right away both my husband and I started getting intuitions and signs telling us she was coming back much faster than we thought possible.  Friends started telling us about a litter of Queensland/Kelpie crosses.  Tom got a fortune cookie saying, “Go get it, it’s ready to be picked.”  I had dreams about a Trinity tree with multiple fruits and other dreams with reviving puppies.

We’ve had Topaz for 2 weeks now.  She has fit right into our lives and family without missing a beat, bringing laughter and joy with her.

In the week after Trinity died, I sat down and spoke with the Violet plant who lives in a pot just outside my front door.  She is a dear friend, and violets are known to help heal heartache.  This is part of what she told me:

Plants do not seem to have a heart, and yet the sap rises and falls in us and we have our rhythms.  I am Green blood and you are Red blood, and these are the colors of your Christmas, of your marriage to the Love within.  Your microscopes cannot see my heart, but the energy of it pulses in me nonetheless.  My leaf is heart-shaped.  I am the limitless nature of the heart covering the ground in love.

Do you know what Love is?

Consider that, please.  Is it a warm feeling?  An impulse?  A desire?  A guiding light?

From the Violet perspective, Love is a binding force that ties the energies of opposites together in perfect balance.  Male and female bound in Love creates a new body, and ,more than that, a new expanded Life.  What you think of as gravity is actually two energies – gravity and levity – bound in balance by Love in the ideal state for this planet.

Everything bound by Love pulls in two directions, just enough to cause growth and evolution.  To fall in love is to let yourself be stretched into growth, for Love is naturally creative in its binding power.  You have loved and it has caused you to grow.  Through my experience of Love the energies of soil and earth are married to the energies of light and cosmos, and We all grow and evolve.

Something to think about as the Thanksgiving holiday arrives.  Blessings to All.