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Rock Talk

Smithsonian 8-10-09 - 209

Smithsonian 8-10-09 – 209 (Photo credit: Orbital Joe)

Last year I asked the question, “what is the potential ecological role for humans within Earth’s ecosystems?”  Searching for clues and answers has led me on a wonderful journey of exploration, but it has been harder and harder in the past few months to form my emerging understanding into words or to format it to a reasonably readable blog.  When the stones and plants communicate they send vibrations, encoded information packets of energy/feelings.  Words seem so shallow and one-dimensional in comparison, and it is challenging to find enough of them to really deliver the full picture/feeling of what has now been downloaded into my body/mind/energy system.  There are a few things, however, that I want to pass along.

In October, I started practicing a technique taught by Paul Scheele and Win Wenger of Learning Strategies Corporation called “image streaming”.  The idea is to get somewhat relaxed, close your eyes, and describe out loud the images that present themselves to your mind’s eye.  No editing, just describe whatever you experience in there, including any smells, sounds, tastes, or tactile sensations. It is important to do it out loud (and preferably to another person or into a voice recorder) because that is the part of the process that builds the connective neural circuitry between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  That connective circuitry is what allows us to access much more readily the 10 million or more bits of information registered by the right brain/heart/intuitive mind each and every second and get relevant pieces transferred to the left brain/rational/normal consciousness mind.  We’re talking about noticing and interpreting all the information/energy being delivered to us by rocks, plants, and everything else in the Universe every day.

This technique, coupled with a book I happened so see displayed at the library and checked out because it had such gorgeous photos, has broadened my personal horizons a hundredfold.  101 Power Crystals by Judy Hall is a wonderful entry into the world of gems and crystals.  Both my husband and I started reading it and quickly found ourselves browsing the shelves at our local Crystal Rainbow Rock Shop as well as renewing our relationships with the assortment of rocks and gems already in our possession.  I’ve long had an affinity for rocks, but I hadn’t really registered how alive they are.  Over the past few months as I have taken the time to breath and relax and sit with them, I find my ability to listen/feel their energies has grown dynamically.  Each day it gets clearer and more natural.  I find myself wondering why I haven’t been more conscious of this my whole life.

Sitting with a small tumbled amethyst one day, I felt – simply, clearly, effortlessly – the chain of being on this planet that at a certain point expanded to encompass rocks and eventually plants and animals and then eventually humans.  I discovered in a shockingly visceral moment that the rock in my hand did not think of me as “other”.  It could understand my different-ness, my individual-ness, but had no concept of me as an “other”.  In the amethyst’s perspective, I am – we all are – walking, talking rocks.  This perspective is increasingly supported by science which describes the liquid crystal nature of our cell membranes and of the DNA and of our bodies in their wholeness.

Welcome to the new world!

(To be continued…)