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My husband and I recently spent an evening watching, once again, the DVD Black Wholes, featuring the ideas of Nassim Haramein. Early on Haramein describes the concept of a “bounded infinity”.  Sounds like an oxymoron.  Infinity is, after all, infinity, and something that is bounded is clearly limited, so how could the two exist together?   Ahh, but they do!  In fact, we are each a bounded infinity living in a Universe of bounded infinities.

Haramein uses the simplest tools of
geometry to demonstrate the idea. Draw a circle on a piece of paper.
Inscribe a square into the circle, letting its 4 corners touch the
sides, or boundary, of the circle. Inscribe a new circle inside the
square, and a new square inside this smaller circle, and a new
square, and a new circle…. Eventually, you’ll need a magnifying
glass, and then a microscope, as well as finer and finer pencil tips,
but this inscribing of squares into circles can go on forever, into
infinity, without ever breaking the original boundary of the circle.circles-and-squares

The mathematics of fractals
demonstrates this concept at a more complex level. The Mandelbrot
is the name of a definable shape, and yet any close examination
of its edges leads into a dazzling array of repeating shapes and
forms that include miniature versions of the original Mandelbrot
shape. In this case, the bounded edge is also the infinite edge.
Mathematically, there is no limit to this process.  The ability to
perceive the increasing fineness of detail is the only “limit”.

I look around this world now,
understanding that everything I look on is a bounded infinity, a
defined space connected to the infinite. Think of the bounding
nature of your skin, defining a body containing trillions of human
cells, hundreds of trillions of bacteria, uncountable numbers of
molecules, unimaginable numbers of atoms, and then even more quarks
and bosons and other subatomic particles. Add to all this the
infinity of the spaces between each atomic nucleus and it’s
electrons, and now you begin to remember how truly vast you are.
This is how the infinity of life is “contained” in vessels such
as cells and bacteria and rocks and multicellular organisms such as

Bounded Infinity. The tensegrity of
this dichotomy may be the foundation that drives the Universe, the
basis for the push-pull network of relationships and connections that
creates stars and planets, galaxies and universes. We see this
tensegrity reflected in the bi-polar nature of water and in the
cytoskeleton of our cells, and in the very human realm of male-female
relationships creating a species. This concept of tensegrity could
be the perception that allows us to live in a duality and embrace the
Wholeness of it. The secret to both the stability and the
ever-evolving, changing nature of our planet.

I look now at the fence that defines
the growing area I call Bluebird Farm. Here is a boundary, a
defining line, a semi-permeable membrane, but inside that fence lies
an infinity whose potential and productive capacity is as unlimited
as my imagination.


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