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Biology is Resilient!

IMG_2915The rain is falling regularly as we enter into spring, and our little rock bars are helping to slow its flow and sink it into the soil.  The California drought is by no means over, especially with the snow level staying at 5500 feet and higher, but I do imagine that all those hard-working people overseeing water distribution in this state must be getting some sleep again.

The ponds on our property filled about 3 weeks ago, after being dry or mere puddles for most of the winter. It took the frogs all of 2 days, from the time the ponds filled, to commence their evening chorus festivals. I delight in listening to them sing each night. It’s a natural, rhythmic lullaby.

Pear and apple trees are budding out already in some places, a testimony to the early warmth we’ve been experiencing. The chickweed and miner’s lettuce are taking off with the new moisture, and pastures that were brown in mid-February are greening up with grasses and herbs. The baby goats will get to meet a green world!

Water is the most wonderful substance! It’s presence makes a huge difference.

The quick response to the rains also makes me appreciate how resilient biological systems are. The frogs and grasses had a much longer wait for full ponds and wet soils than “normal”, but they’ve handled it well. There is so much we don’t yet fully understand about how this planet and all her components work, but biology is truly incredible stuff.

Which leads to a TED talk that I would like to highly recommend. Allan Savory gave this talk about greening the world’s deserts in 2013.  A radically biological approach that mimics the systems nature uses to build deep soils and grow prairies and trees. It is both doable and scalable and sequesters atmospheric carbon as well.  Link is Here.  Enjoy!


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