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imageI harvested the first of the Rose Potpourri Sweet Corn on Friday and served it for dinner that night.   My husband and I each took our first bite, looked at the other and exclaimed, “Oh, My God!”  This is an amazing sweet corn!  The response to it seems to be universal.  Whether sharing it with friends, apprentices, or other farm guests, everyone has that OMG reaction.

The beauty makes it special: a feast for the eyes and mind.  The flavor makes it special: a delight for the taste buds and body.  And there is something more: an intangible quality that feeds the heart and soul.  This is Mother Corn.

We opened our weekly farm stand at Bluebird Farm a few weeks ago, and at the end of that first meal, I asked my husband, “How much would you charge for this corn?”

“$12,” was his reply.

“Per ear?”


And then we both laughed, because we know that few, if any, of our customers would pay $12 for an ear of corn.  And because we know that to put any price on it belittles its true value.  This corn – and every other ear of corn grown with love and attention and appreciation – is priceless.

We won’t be selling this corn at our farm stand.  It is a gift from Spirit, from Sun and Earth, from Love.  We are enjoying sharing that gift, as a gift to others.  And I love hearing those receiving this gift spontaneously exclaim, “Oh, My God!”


A Note:  For those who wish to try this corn next year – we bought the seeds from Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seeds company.  What an incredible deal!


Comments on: "The Gift of Rose Potpourri Sweet Corn" (5)

  1. It is so wonderful to hear this news about the corn and this 2014 harvest. each year keeps getting better on all fronts and people like you make it so. Blessings, Adam

    • Thanks, Adam. Have you broken ground on a new garden at your new place?

      • well being that we were in a pinch and needed something we have done a temporary deck garden in big 15 gallon pots. So far so good except every once and a while some little guy from the woods comes and takes a bit from here and there. Its OK we have enough. Hope you post more pictures more often so we can see your wonderful creation over there in your new garden area.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll work on more photos, though really you should drop by sometime. We’re only 2 minutes off of 49.

    • I barely make to town once a week until I finish the house and then will have more time- I look forward to seeing it

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