building a beautiful and bountiful world in collaboration with nature

About Bluebird Farm

Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, just outside Nevada City, Bluebird Farm is a 2 acre educational farm.  Our mission is to collaborate with Nature to grow food that nourishes the wholeness of body-mind-spirit while connecting people to agriculture in fresh and fun ways.

Bluebird Farm in September

Bluebird Farm in September

Our farming philosophy is based on a firm foundation of the best of organic and permaculture principles and techniques.  We grow living, water-catching soils, first and foremost.  Our main plantings are mixed vegetables, fruits, and “habitat” – hedgerow plantings that support a plethora of birds, insects, and other small creatures while supplying the herbal needs of our farm and farmers.  Animals are a key component of our farming systems.  Our soil fertility is supported by dairy goats, sheep, and assorted poultry.

Bindi, our elder milk goat

Bindi, our elder milk goat

Our farm design makes extensive use of permaculture principles.  We have a large and central hedgerow, grow 7 varieties of raspberries, 3 varieties of strawberries, boysenberries, and a varied mix of vegetables.  A Tree of Life-shaped Labyrinth invites people to enjoy the farm from a unique perspective, while a Water Altar offers a place to share love and blessings with the farm.  A portion of the farm is reserved for sheep pasture, rotationally grazed with the use of portable, electric fencing.  In 2014 we added ducks and chickens into our systems. We also have a Medicine Salad Garden.


Corn Labyrinth in the spring of 2013

We host storytelling potlucks during the growing season as well as gatherings for those interested in any aspect of “energy agriculture” (i.e. biodynamics, plant-spirit communication, etc.). In 2015 we offer a free workshop, Real Dirt, Living Water: Your Best Garden Ever. This 3-hour workshop will be offered in March, April, and May.  Renee also offers a training program for earth-lovers who want to grow vibrant health for themselves, their families, and the planet – starting in their own backyards.  Use the Contact page for more information on these.

Bluebird is a leased farm, part of the larger Jacobson Dude Ranch, owned by Dale and Diane Jacobson.  The Jacobson’s are a multi-generation family, many of whom live on the property.   Their property also boasts a 11/2 acre orchard , another 1 acre farm, ponds, large barn, and yoga room.  There are weekly yoga and stretch classes, a monthly Weston Price Foundation chapter meeting, occasional barn dances, large community Easter gathering and the annual May Medieval Games, an educational event for regional Waldorf schools.     

The Farmers:

Renee Wade is a certified permaculture designer with a BA in Ecological Agriculture.  She did her farming apprenticeships at  UC Santa Cruz and Farrallones Institute (now Occidental Arts and Ecology).  She spent the first 20 years of her professional life as a landscape gardener, and is excited to be returning to her first love of farming.  Renee also has a lifetime interst in connecting the scientific and the spiritual.  She follows no named path, but has training and experience in Matrix Energetics, Qigong, plant-spirit communication, Perelandra processes, and related modalities.

Tom Wade is a talented storyteller and “edu-tainer” with a knack for making complex ideas clear.  His farm training began at the age of 8 when his family moved from Detroit to an 18 acre farm and planted their first garden.  A man of many skills, he has been a professional landscaper, a carpenter building houses from start to finish, and is the lead coordinator for the school garden at Mt. St. Mary’s Academy in Grass Valley where he works with grades 3-8.  He has training and experience in Biodynamics and is also a certified permaculture designer.

IMG_3780 C

The Farmers



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