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What Are Plants Talking About?

IMG_4100I am in the middle of Spring. Sowing seeds. Thinning or pricking them out. Forking air into the soil of the beds. Sifting compost. Spreading it. Transplanting. Watering. Mulching. Moving electric fencing for the goats. Moving electric fencing for the sheep. Thinning fruit on the peach and pluot trees. Weeding. Picking strawberries. Building support for the raspberries. Guiding the growing boysenberries. Building new compost piles. Sowing seeds.

On days when gray clouds billow in the sky and the weather shifts back and forth from misting rain to warming sun, I feel the thrill of Life awakening all around me. There is a freshness in the air that happens only at this time of year. Spring is bouncing out of the cave of the dark winter light, and I can’t get too much of it. Taking my hands from the fluffy, moist soil to send them tapping over a keyboard – a part of me asks, “Why do that, when there is so much beauty and fun here?” (Thankfully for this blog, day does end and darkness falls, or some afternoons do get hot.)

The Red Malabar Spinach germinated today. Yes! A friend returns for a long season of mutual affection. How do I know it is mutual? Because I know that plants have both senses and social lives. For a peek into them, check out this Nature program What Plants Talk About. The time lapse photography in it does a great job of diminishing the seemingly vast differences between plants and animals.

Who are your favorite plant friends?



The Brainwave of Connection

I’ve had the feeling of being at a wedding for the past week.  I look out the living room window and see our 4-year-old pluot tree all decked out in white, beaming as brightly as any bride I’ve seen. (Pluots – in case you haven’t heard of them – are a cross between a plum and an apricot, and draw from the best of both parents.  The fruit is scrumptious!)  Today, she’s still at it, biophotons all ablaze, in spite of some snow and cold we had a few days ago.  I look at her and marvel at this ever repeating wedding of Sun and Earth, Warm and Cold, Light and Dark.  I watch the bees as they tickle the flowers.  Spring is here!

Looking at the question I’ve posed for this year, “What is the potential ecological role of humans on Earth?”, I’ve realized that this is really a relationship question.  What are the possibilities and potentials available to us in our relationships with the elements, the plants and animals, and the ecosystems we inhabit?  In looking at answers my reading of late has moved into more shamanic territory.  Which means that it’s moved in the direction of the theta brain waves.

There are four common brainwaves, delta, theta, alpha, and beta, and others that are less common such as gamma and epsilon.  Beta is considered normal for everyday activities, alpha and theta are associated with meditation and heightened creativity, delta is deep sleep.  The interesting thing is that our brains run all four of these waves all the time.  It’s just a question of which one is stronger at the moment.  When theta predominates we are in a state of deep meditation, dreaming, or travelling the roads of shamanic journeys.  I heard a rumor over the weekend that Albert Einstein had a trick for making use of his theta state.  He would sit in a chair holding a marble in each hand and then bring himself to a state of deep relaxation.  As he approached that threshold where theta deepens and moves into delta, his hand would relax, the marble would drop, waking him, and he would have a momentary opportunity to catch hold of a really fabulous idea. (I assume this means he had wooden floors with no rugs.)

My latest book, Plant Spirit Healing: A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness, by Pam Montgomery draws on the information available to us through meditative or altered states as well as on the kind of research I’ve been talking about in this blog: the intelligent nature of plants, the perceptual abilities of our hearts, the information highways created by biophotons, etc.  She couples these to create an understanding of the reality of our connections to plants and plant spirits, a relationship that can be friendship, guidance, or serve to heal oneself or others.

Much of what Montgomery says matches my own experience over the past year.  The process of relating differently to plants and to Earth, the process of discovering our true potential here, begins with a process of relating differently to ourselves.  As I take the time each day (or most days!) to sit for a few minutes and tune in to each of my 5 physical senses in turn, then ask for a peek at what information my Jacobson’s organ has been delivering, and then notice the perceptions of my heart (all the feeling and emotion sensations), I notice myself changing.  I’m more aware of intuitive impulses throughout the day.  I’m more in love with my life than I have been in years.  I count a violet plant among my best friends now.

I enjoy discovering the many ways that science is validating and clarifying what mystics have said for millenia.  The world is composed of light and information (vibration).  It’s as though the Universe is one gigantic nervous system, transmitting huge amounts of information throughout itself each and every second.  Scientists are still squirming as they look consciousness in the face.  They are not yet prepared to go fully forward into the role of co-creators.  Yet all signs point in that direction.

For several months now I have had the sensation of being at the edge of two worlds.  Sometimes I am standing in my usual place, in a world that seems so full of crisis and shadow, yet I am looking at a picture of a world that is whole and magickal and beautiful.  In the next moment I find myself standing in that beautiful, powerful world, looking back at a picture of a world that simply doesn’t know itself, believing itself to be divided into parts.  I find myself taking that divided world less seriously.  The day will come when I will let it go altogether, embracing the wholeness of myself and seeing that reflected in everything I experience.  I suspect that is the wedding the pluot is really wanting to celebrate.  Give in, she tells me.  It’s inevitable, so let it be today.